Casting Information

Cast Size: 5 Male and 5 Female (expandable casting up to 7 Male and 7 Female).

Perfect Harmony is the ideal show for strong comedic actors who can sing. Vocal parts are somewhat flexible, except where noted. The roles are open to all ethnicities and can be played by actors of any age who, while they do not need to realistically appear high school age, can embody these characters.

The Acafellas: Philip Fellowes V, Lassiter A. Jayson III, Jasper Mergh, JB Smooter and Simon Depardieu

The Ladies In Red / Lady Treble: Melody McDaniels, Michaela “Mickey D” Dhiardeaubovic, Valerie Smooter, Meghan Beans and Kerri Taylor

Members of the Greater Community: Dr. Larry Mergh, Kiki Tune, Goran Dhiardeaubovic, Tobi McClintoch and the Announcer

Click the play button to listen to a short interview with each member of the Off Broadway cast.

Philip Fellowes V (High School Senior) A third generation Acafella, slightly stuffy, somewhat pompous but also has a strong sense of inherent decency. Lassiter’s best friend, though they can’t speak to each other directly. Generally supportive of the group and other members, but desperately wants to win Nationals … at all costs. Begins to crack, crumbling under the pressure he has placed on himself and the group. Becomes a tenor during the the story (or at least demonstrates strong command of a much higher register).

Lassiter A. Jayson III (High School Senior) Pitchpipe of the Acafellas. Considers himself an artist; intensely searching for “truth” – in his art, his friendships, and himself. Passionate about artistic purity; worries the group is too obsessed with winning. Takes himself very seriously. Looking to push the group in a new direction, one he believes is bolder and more creative.

Jasper Mergh (High School Junior) Handsome, charismatic, surprisingly, something of a school heartthrob. Not mute per se, although he doesn’t speak, he has a stunning singing voice. He’s dated Melody since freshman year. Good-hearted, just wants to sing and share his song.

JB Smooter (High School Senior) Jock. Quarterback turned singer. Women swoon for him. Dudes want to be him. Now that he’s discovered a cappella, he just wants to sing with the guys. Viewed by some as not particularly bright, he’s a good guy and positive influence on the others in the group.

Simon Depardieu (High School Freshman) Not yet an Acafella at the start of the play, he has dreamed of making the group and practices his song for his mom every night; just hopes his canker sores and occasional bouts of lockjaw don’t interfere with his audition. Kind, gentle. Has a crush on Valerie.

Melody McDaniels (High School Senior) Both Pitch and President of The Ladies in Red. Pretty, but doesn’t expect all the girls in the group to be pretty too; she’s not unrealistic. Talented, preternaturally poised, and ferociously hardworking; she wishes just once someone would give The Ladies in Red the proper credit they’ve worked so hard for. Yes, she and Jasper are dating, but her focus is on the group’s work.

Michaela “Mickey D” Dhiardeaubovic (High School Sophomore) Very happy to be in the group, even if she has to keep her participation a secret from her brother. Loves the girls, loves singing, Though she has a little trouble remembering the right words in English. Thinks that sometimes the other girls in the group are too uptight. Speaks with a Eastern European (Herzegovinian) accent.

Valerie Smooter (High School Sophomore) It’s fair to say she doesn’t love performing, but she’s determined not to repeat last year’s debacle at Regionals where she panicked and locked herself in the janitor’s closet. Witty, cutting – hopefully just in her comments. Her older brother is the school’s resident hunk, JB.

Meghan Beans (High School Junior) Pretty, but a bit of a live wire. She’s greatly misunderstood; doesn’t know why people are propagating rumors about her behavior. Really wishes the group could do more dancing and would have flashier costumes. She’s always wanted a solo. Jesus is the only one who understands her. But maybe Jasper would too, if she could just get to know him better. Totally a belter – to her, singing is less about the right pitch, and more about how you express yourself.

Kerri Taylor (High School Sophomore) Student Manager of The Ladies in Red. Doesn’t have Tourette’s, but it seems like it. She’d sing if there wasn’t the potential for onstage embarrassment. Loves being the manager, it’s a pretty essential position to the team’s success. Ideally, this actress should truly be a great belter.

Dr. Larry Mergh (Late 30s-Early 50s) School psychologist. Kind-hearted; knows how dangerous a cappella singing can be on a young mind. (This role can be tracked with Jasper Mergh.)

Goran Dhiardeaubovic (Early 20s) Older brother, only living relative and legal guardian to Mickey D. Angry, protective, controlling, but ultimately harmless. Speaks with a Eastern European (Herzegovinian) accent. (This role can be tracked with Simon Depardieu.)

Kiki Tune (Mid 30s-Mid 50s) Brash talent agent. Predatory and unabashed about it. (This role can be tracked with Mickey D.)

Tobi McClintock (Mid 30s-Late 60s) World-famous vocal therapist. She’s a “voice whisperer”, deeply empathetic, overly dramatic and excited about curing youngsters of their self-inflicted vocal traumas. (This role can be tracked with Kerri Taylor.)