Past Productions

Perfect Harmony made its Off Broadway debut at Theatre Row’s Acorn Theatre (Michael Musto, Elissa Burke, Alec Stais and Joshua P. Weiss, Producers) in October, 2010 after a short preview period at 45 Bleecker and an out-of-town run at the Stoneham Theatre, in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

The Off Broadway production was directed by Andrew Grosso and featured:

Dana Acheson (Melody McDaniels), Faryl Amadeus (Valerie Smooter), Clayton Apgar (Jasper Mergh / Dr. Larry Mergh), Marie-France Arcilla (Kerri Taylor / Tobi McClintoch), David Barlow (Simon Depardieu / Goran Dhiardeubovic), Kate Morgan Chadwick (Michaela “Mickey D” Dhiardeubovic / Kiki Tune), Jarid Faubel (JB Smooter / Jesus), Kobi Libii (Philip Fellowes V), Kelly McCreary (Meghan Beans), Robbie Collier Sublett (Lassiter A. Jayson III), and Tate Evans (Understudy for the Ladies in Red), Marshall York (Understudy for the Acafellas).

Perfect Harmony in Stoneham, MA

Originally created as a workshop at NYU Graduate Acting’s Studio Tisch program, Perfect Harmony had its premiere at FringeNYC in 2006, had an extended run at the Fringe Encore Series, and in 2008 played Off-Off Broadway at the Clurman Theatre.

The original 2005 cast for the first workshop production at Studio Tisch at NYU included:

Perfect Harmony FringeNYC

David Barlow (Simon Depardieu / Goran Dhiardeubovic), Jeff Binder (Lassiter A. Jayson III / Gerald Studman), Autumn Dornfeld (Melody McDaniels), Santino Fontana (Philip Fellowes V), Scott Janes (JB Smooter / Jerry Weiner / Jesus), Maria Elena Ramirez (Meghan Beans), Jeanine Serralles (Michaela “Mickey D” Dhiardeubovic / Kiki Tune), Margie Stokley (Valerie Smooter), Marina Squerciatti (Kerri Taylor / Tobi McClintoch) and Blake Whyte (Jasper Mergh / Dr. Larry Mergh).

Perfect Harmony FringeNYC

For the 2006 FringeNYC production, the characters of Gerald Studman and Jerry Weiner were cut and Noah Weissberg and Vayu O’Donnell joined the company and played the roles of Philip Fellowes V and Lassiter A. Jayson III, respectively.

The 2008 cast for the Clurman Theatre production included:

Dana Acheson (Melody McDaniels), Clayton Apgar (Jasper Mergh / Dr. Larry Mergh), Sean Dugan (Simon Depardieu / Goran Dhiardeubovic), Benjamin Huber (Philip Fellowes V), Scott Janes (JB Smooter / Jesus), Vayu O’Donnell (Lassiter A. Jayson III), Amy Rutberg (Meghan Beans), Margie Stokley (Valerie Smooter), Nisi Sturgis (Kerri Taylor / Tobi McClintoch), Kathy Searle (Michaela “Mickey D” Dhiardeubovic / Kiki Tune) and Tate Evans (Understudy for the Ladies in Red).

Perfect Harmony Clurman Cast

Photos from past productions

Perfect Harmony is a musical comedy about the greatest a cappella group in high school history, eighteen-time national champions, the Acafellas. It’s also about their classmates and female counterpart, perennial runners up, the Ladies in Red. Through song and story, we see these students grapple with the weighty issues of truth, love, and what constitutes appropriate choreography for Nationals. As the story unfolds, we learn not just about these students themselves but also about the true nature of harmony.