It’s hard to resist this musical comedy depicting the heated competition between a cappella groups vying for the honor of being showcased on MTV. If you can’t get enough of glee clubs and and energetic vocals that soar, Perfect Harmony is the show for you!
         – Frank Scheck, New York Post

Perfect Harmony

Funny! Tensions run high and quirks run wild in this comedy which follows a boys’ a cappella group with a case full of trophies and their female rivals as the two groups gear up for a national a cappella competition.
         – Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

Glee addicts will find perfect pitch in this musical comedy about the most acclaimed singing club in the history of high school. The show looks at the issues of truth, love and the competitive world of teenage choreographic arts, and asks everyone in the theater to consider what the word harmony really means.
         – Carole Braden, Time Out New York

Perfect Harmony has an abundance of heart. This likable music-filled comedy is written and performed with an acute understanding of the anxieties and quirks of young achievers. The show derives much of its charm from the magic of the a cappella genre: the exacting deployment of pitch, harmony, and musical arrangement joined with irony, pop culture, and earnestness.
         – Sarah Larson, The New Yorker

Perfect Harmony has perfect pitch! What makes Perfect Harmony borderline brilliant is the combination of a seriously funny script and an ensemble of seriously polished actors.
         – Jenna Scherer, Boston Herald

This lighthearted, sweet musical comedy features a talented cast who enact their characters with freshness and enthusiasm and deliver snappy and very funny dialogue in between engaging musical numbers. Perfect Harmony is a fond satire of teenage social misfits and a perfectly entertaining, melodious little musical.
         – Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press

Magnificently hilarious! The harmonies – typically absurd versions of pop songs – range from lovely to ridiculous to riotous. They help to make Perfect Harmony close to perfect.
         – Leonard Jacobs, Backstage

Perfect Harmony

Never fails to delight! Perfect Harmony tackles its spot-on satire with an unflinching seriousness that, by evening’s end, becomes unbearably funny.
         – Matthew Murray, Talkin’ Broadway

Gleefully funny entertainment. Pure joy!
         – Jason S. Grossman,

         – Jonathan Minkoff, CASA
           (The Contemporary A Cappella Society)

So perfectly, gorgeously wicked. We will be seeing Perfect Harmony for a long time to come!
         – Eugene Paul, TheatreScene

Pitch perfect! A hysterical look inside the high-pressure world of high school a cappella singing. Perfect Harmony’s non-stop comedy must be seen to be believed.
         – Rachel Wynn & Sara Hottman, Show Business Weekly

Perfect Harmony is an ingenious combination of music and comedy, featuring a rainbow of hilarious personalities that complement one other until tensions are heightened by the rush of competition. Perfect Harmony is also a multi-generational crowd-pleaser, full of flavor, romance, pride, humor, and plenty of spirit fingers. Audiences will be thoroughly entertained and laugh from beginning to end as everything comes together to give a lighthearted and touching lesson on friendship and the lesser importance of winning.
         – Omari Allen, Washington Square News

Dynamic character relationships and hilarious comedic acting make Perfect Harmony something to sing about. Perfect Harmony’s fresh comedic energy and the smart twists are certainly unique and will leave you chuckling and humming its tunes for days.
         – Julie Feltman, Theatre is Easy

Any Glee fans? Well this musical is right up your alley! The clever script keeps the audience giggling and with the toe-tapping songs, leaves us with that feel-good warmth by the end!
         – Jennifer Thompson, The Examiner

The Acafellas

A winning comedy and drama. Perfect Harmony is young, exuberant, over-the-top, and at times, unexpectedly moving.
         – Paulanne Simmons, Curtain Up

Thoroughly entertaining. The writing is full of tiny, quick verbal surprises and original moments. It’s laugh out-loud funny.
         -Suzanne Lynch, Off Off Online

A delightful combination of silly and sophisticated humor, endearing characters, and many opportunities to find yourself laughing out loud. For an evening of wide-range entertainment, this one hits just the right note.
         – Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey

Perfect Harmony, a zippy in-and-out affair that doesn’t squander a second, is a PG-rated, feel-good, blast. Just as The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee took a cute, musical approach to a somewhat geeky field, Perfect Harmony has arrived to make high school a cappella cool again.
         – Aaron Riccio, New Theater Corps

Impressive! In their different ways, Glee, Dreamgirls, and American Idol have all traded on our interest in the singer behind the song. Now comes Perfect Harmony, a likable comedy about the backstage machinations and personal turmoil among a group of highly competitive high-schoolers at a national a cappella competition. Like The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Perfect Harmony explores the world of quirky outsiders who find their identities through an idiosyncratic obsession and a high-stakes competition. Perfect Harmony communicates what one character calls “the joy of being in the sound.”
         – Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

What do you get when you cross Altar Boyz with The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee? Perfect Harmony, a musical about two a cappella singing groups vying to win an annual high school championship. It’s well-nigh perfection, as the title promises.
         – David Finkle, TheaterMania

Charming, witty, and entertaining, Perfect Harmony rocks the house and is laugh-out-loud funny. Full of ‘types’ found in every high school, this recognition makes the play so much fun. While the story addresses something serious – the notion that winning trumps all – it uses song and dance numbers to touch on the importance of friendship, loyalty, and group-cohesion, and will have you belting out pop songs as you boogie down after the final curtain.
         – Eleanor J. Bader, Elevate Difference

This play nailed the earth shattering impact that the a cappella scene can have on a awkward teen looking for something to believe in. Thumbs up.
         – David Bell, ShowShowdown